Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today's New Knowledge

"They" say that you learn something every day. Today's knowledge should certainly win me a round at some point at the infamous "Geeks Who Drink" trivia nights. Who is this young man jumping on this album cover? I remember seeing this single at the local record store when I was a young deviant skipping school to purchase music and smoke cigarettes. I know why I opted not to buy this single? Probably because I decided I needed smokes and I already had the album "The Queen is Dead". Or my best friend April had it and I was bugging her for a taped copy. My memory is foggy. I do know that I acquired my very own copy of "The Queen is Dead" while on a teenage road trip to Douglass Wyoming. That trip is a whole other blog post. Anyways... Many people credit that as the Smiths best album. I disagree. My personal favorite is Louder Than Bombs. I can credit that little love affair with an old high school flame. I still love that album. It is not possible to listen to it and not think of Greg (RIP) Again, that is a whole other blog post. Back on track... Who is this? Do you know?
None Other than Truman Capote. Yes, the Author of In Cold Blood, also made an appearance on The Smiths album cover. Neat huh? Don't you feel smarter now? If you win a beer for this knowledge you can thank me later.

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